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Why Choose a Freight Forwarder?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Freight forwarding is a service that involves a third-party agent acting on your behalf to move goods around the world. We act as the representative between you and your supplier/customer.

We will work with various hauliers or subcontractors to ensure we save you time and money.

As a freight forwarder we can:

  • Prepare customs documents and provide guidance if required.

  • Manage customs clearance and the payment of import duty.

  • Negotiate freight charges to ensure you get the best rates.

  • Confirm what the rules, licences or requirements are for the country of destination.

  • Arrange cargo insurance if/when required.

  • Move dangerous goods & provide advice.

It always best to use an experienced operator. When preparing to import/export goods you should discuss all options available to you with your freight forwarder. This will ensure they have clear instructions on how to proceed, and will minimise any issues arising during the movement of your freight.

UK & Europe Freight Forwarding
UK & Europe Freight Forwarding

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